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Mark Langford


A career commercial photographer who fell in love with the mountains around Pagosa Springs so much that he moved there.

Jim Landers


Full-time photography instructor and author of over 100 photography classes. Favorite topics: "the basics" and 'make photography a career"

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What Photography skills do I need?
All with an interest in photography are encouraged to join us. Whether your going to purchase your first camera before the workshop or you would like more advanced photographic instruction. We can accommodate your level, because we have three different instructors to handle every situation, and each instructor has different equipment, knowledge, and skills.
2Is this a Photography Tour or a Photography Workshop?
It is a great combination of both. Generally speaking, a “tour” is less hands on and a “workshop” is very hands-on. We spend more time in the field learning as we go than we will in a classroom setting. Feel confident that we are by your side to guide and teach you as you need help as we take you to some of the prettiest places on Earth!
3In addition to photography knowledge, do any of the instructors have local knowledge of the area we will be in?
Oh, yes! Mark lives in Pagosa Springs.
4What is included in the price?
5-day workshop, photographic instruction, a beverage of your choice and appetizers at the opening and Dinner to wrap things up on Saturday August 20 (all other costs are on your own: lodging, food/drink, etc.).
5What is not included in the price?
Lodging unless you are joining us at the rented home, travel insurance (we do offer it as an add-on -from a travel insurance company), meals (other than the last), snacks, souvenirs, transportation to the different locations we will be going -we encourage you use your own car (rental) or carpool with other attendees.
6What brand of equipment are the instructors familiar with?
One of our instructors is the owner of a photography school and he has to keep up with all the major camera brands in order to accommodate all his students. So we can help anyone no matter what camera brand they have (Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic/Lumix, Fuji, etc.)
7How many participants in the group?
Up to 12. We like to have a small class size so that we can give individualized attention. With three teachers, that’s a ratio of about six per instructor!
8Are participants able to bring guests? (Spouses, kids, etc.)
Yes, and we will even offer a 10% discount to you and those individuals if they are joining us. Please note: this workshop is for 16 and up.
9Will I see and have the potential to make images like the amazing ones displayed on your website?
Potential, yes. However, please have realistic expectations. The images represent our favorites over the years. They do not necessarily represent what you will see. It is just as possible that you may see even more spectacular environments! We cannot predict the weather, so there is no guarantee that you will have great conditions to work with. Also consider time of year, again the images are just our favorites and could have been created in a different time of year than your event. Let whatever comes along be a positive surprise!
10What happens if there is bad weather?
Rain or shine this show will go on, however we might have to adjustments our plans! In an extreme, we might have to temporarily create beautiful images through windows. The reason why we keep on going is because unique weather has proven sometimes to be amazing! It gives us variety and keeps our images unique. It is a good idea to have some protection for your gear, even if its just a plastic bag, but there are many products available to photographers to accommodate weather. No matter what, we will make every moment of this workshop valuable to you even if we have to do some of it from a coffee shop or the comfort of the hotel.
11Do you offer equipment rental?
We recommend
12This is Colorado, what is the smoking policy?
Smoking (of any kind) is not permitted in the field or during indoor presentations. When you are away from the group, well that’s your business.
13How will we get to different locations?
You will either be in your own vehicle (you drove in) or you will be renting a vehicle (you flew in). Recommended: follow in your vehicle. Or you could car-pool with another participant.
14What is the cancellation policy?
You can cancel anytime, however, you will not get a refund. We will credit 50% of what you paid to a future photo adventure.
15What happens if I cannot pay in full right now?
Let us know, maybe we can find a solution. As long as its prior to April 14, 2022, we could do a 3-month payment plan.
16Do you have business insurance?
Yes, but that does not cover what you would get with Travel Insurance. We recommend that you consider purchasing a travel protection plan anytime you travel to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. For your convenience, we offer travel protection through Travelex Insurance Services. For more information on the available plans or to enroll, click on the link below or contact Travelex Insurance Services at 800-228-9792 and reference location number 43-0686.
17What gear should I have with me?
For most: don’t go out and buy a bunch of stuff, but it is sometimes a good idea. You may want to take a bunch of stuff, but of course, you also want to travel as light as possible. Choose something between Minimum and Ideal: Minimum: a cell phone with camera Ideal: One bag that can fit inside the overhead bin of an airplane. Here’s some tools to consider bringing with you: camera, lenses, tripod (if its large, you will not be able to bring it inside the plane), memory cards, extra batteries, charger, filters (UV, ND, and Polarizer), rain sleeves, camera strap, flashlight, microfiber cloth, remote trigger, maybe an accessory flash, etc. Lenses: somethings will be close, some far, meaning we have a need for every lens out there! So bring one that’s a wide-angle and one that’s a telephoto. Some may choose to bring an all-in-one type of lens like the 24-120mm or the 18-300mm (these are good lenses, but not the best) Camera: What you have: cell-phone, point and shoot, DSLR, mirrorless, pinhole… It is a good idea to take a second camera if you have one, just in case: even a point and shoot will do. Maybe consider renting your equipment for this event.
18What should I bring for clothing?
Shorts. t-shirts during the day but, even though its August, it can get really cold, especialy since we will be out well after dark for star gazing! Bring a coat, bring a heavier coat than you expect! Avoid cotton! polyester, spandex, wool are great. Also a storm can come up instantly, so bring rain gear!
19Can I bring the kids?
Our program is designed for 16 years and up. No children under 16, even when accompanied by parents. 16 and 17 year olds must be accompanied by parents/guardians.
20Are there any physical requirements?
Each participant should be able to walk with your equipment up and down hills, up to two miles at a time with no problems. We will not be traveling with a medical professional and we will not have people to carry your equipment or you! If you have any limitations or disabilities, please communicate them up front so we can do our best to accommodate your needs.
21Are you taking Covid into consideration?
We’ve raised the standard by putting measures in place that are in accordance with the CDC and WHO to help give you more peace of mind. You get fun, learning, and adventure, knowing that we’re ready to take care of you.
22"What happens if you do not get enough people to register for this workshop?"
Your registration fee will be returned by July 1st.
23What is the minimum number of people needed to sign-up in order to make it a go!
We need a minimum of 10 participants. Any fewer and will not break even on our expenses and will be forced to cancel... something we really do not want to do! If we have not reached 10 participants by June 31, we will refund your money on July 1. Tell your friends and it will not be a concern! :)

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